O, Lady!

Queen of summer

I watch you choose

With lilting grace

Perfect blossom for farewell kiss.

Wings open, close, open, close

Say to me

Slow down



Wings closed reveal etched stain glass

Solemn and beautiful as

Cathedral windows glowing in sunlight.

Yet rim of playful polka dots

Reminds me to lighten up and laugh.

Wings open, a regal velvet robe

Offers royal absolution for ingratitude

Despondency, hopelessness.

Hundreds of your cousins zero in

On Seven Son’s tree in my backyard

Seek nourishment and rest before long flight home.

Your presence, dear Queen, a message

To my discouragement:

Beauty, grace, strength, tribulation and perseverance

Are woven of the same cloth.

Like Joseph’s coat of many colors

A gift from loving Father/Mother.

Each of us a favored daughter, son.

Transformed from knobby, crawling creatures

To royalty, empowered to fly

Even in the hardest circumstance.

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